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Elder Life Fitness

Elder (adjective) - Someone that is older or senior; higher rank; longer in length of tenure or service. Ultimately someone who is respected because of age and experience.

Life - In our logo we have elder leaves These are from the elder tree. Trees clean the air and provide oxygen. In 1 year an acre of mature trees can provide oxygen for 18 people. Trees = Oxygen = Life!

Fitness -
The quality of being suitably and physically fit to fulfil a particular role or task. In our case everyday living and enjoyment. 


About Elder Life Fitness

Our aim is to help people stay active in retirement & later life.

At Elder Life Fitness; we provide exercise for older adults over the age of 60 and beyond.


Retirement should be a time to reap the rewards of all you've achieved in life. It's a time to have freedom and independence of seeing friends and family, a time to do the things that you never got round to doing. It's the time to be fit and healthy so you can achieve all these things and more.

At Elder Life Fitness, we are able to offer our clients a bespoke and personalised service. This enables us to help people maintain their independence, making life more enjoyable and everyday tasks easier. We specialise in exercise for the over 60's and above. Knowing what works best for our clients, we have improved peoples lives' well into the 90's and beyond.


We are based in Winchester and provide a premium service that can come to you, whether you live at home or in a retirement village, retirement home, supported housing, independent living, sheltered housing or a residential care home.


Focusing on 1 to 1 and group sessions, we're able to address all areas that will improve general health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

It's never too late to start living a fitter and healthier life, so contact us for a free consultation.


Our Services

Group Sessions

Our group sessions are an inclusive way for you to improve your overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Designed for mixed abilities and a range of group sizes we're able to incorporate all our services whilst having fun in a social environment. We can come to your home, a village hall or a communal room.

Chair Exercises

If balance and ability is a concern for you, we have options to regress our sessions to suit the needs of your abilities. By using chair exercises we can build confidence and fitness whilst keeping you safe. Safety and injury prevention are key areas that we focus on, so you are in safe hands.

Balance, Coordination & Fall Prevention

Over time balance and coordination can deteriorate. We use exercises that will help maintain and improve these areas. By keeping the brain and body connected, this will ensure balance and coordination is working. With better balance you will have more confidence, keeping yourself doing the things you want to do and reducing the risk of falls and injury.

Strength & Bone Density

We use strength and resistance exercises to keep muscles active and bones strong. Strong muscles are essential for daily tasks. By using weights and bands, we are able to mimic everyday movements and keep you strong in these areas. Keeping you doing what you want for longer.

Mobility & Flexibility

Tight muscles can be a cause for pain and injury. By moving, stretching and doing mobility exercises it can help you feel more supple and pain free. Movement is also a great way to wake up the whole body and feel more energised.

Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Consultants

There are many areas of health and fitness that need to be addressed or constantly juggled. This can be confusing with all the conflicting advice that is out there. We can provide a consultant to come to you for general advice and tips so you know you're on the right path.

Mental & Cognitive Wellbeing

Although we don't work directly with care homes for alzheimer's and other dementias, our sessions will help to reduce the risk which will improve mental wellbeing. Exercise can significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia by about 30 per cent. For Alzheimer's disease specifically, the risk was reduced by 45 per cent.

1 to 1 Coaching

With 1 to 1 coaching, we can tailor the session to your individual needs and fitness levels. We can also look to challenge you with progressions quicker, so you'll see those results sooner. These sessions can also be useful if you wanted to focus on any specific areas of your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Who are we
Who Are We

Shane O'Connell

Business Owner

I've always had a passion for health and fitness, so it made sense for me to pursue a career in doing what I love. Having qualified as a Personal Trainer, I found that my business was focused more on clients that wanted to stay active in later life. For this reason I decide to start Elder Life Fitness and focus on my core clientele. For me helping people stay active in later life is essential for independence and happiness. I specialise in exercise for older adults, rehabilitation and functional fitness tailored to your individual needs.


Abby Knight

Business Partner

Coming from a background of exercise and fitness, I always enjoy helping my clients get results whilst having fun. I qualified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor which gave me many years of understanding what people need when it comes to exercise. Ultimately people need independence in later life and the ability to live well. Working with the older generation is always rewarding because I can be by their side and see their confidence and enjoyment of life improve.

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Shane O'Connell - Business Owner

07769 892 833

Abby Knight - Business Partner

07791 155 901


Winchester, Hampshire, UK

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